mankato septic systems

Mankato Septic System Installation FAQ's

  • How much will my septic system cost?
    • Cost of your septic system varies on many factors including: water use, soil type, required components, etc. Please call for a free site analysis.
  • Why do I need a septic system?
    • To protect our environment and water resources. Also Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) regulations require septic systems to be in compliance with State Environmental Code.
  • What type of drainfield do I need? (Inground, At-Grade, Mound, etc.)
    • On your specific site it is based off of your soil texture, soil type, and soil color.
  • Will a septic system alter my existing landscape?
    • Crystal Construction will install a septic system that will compliment your existing landscaping or create an entirely new outdoor living space for you and your family.
Crystal Construction will be pleased to answer any other further questions you may have about septic systems.

Did you know?

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mankato septic systems

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